US Forces Europe 10 Miler Qualification Race Results

US Forces Europe 10 Miler Qualification Race Results

Physical Fitness Center - Tower Barracks, Bldg. 170

On Saturday, June 28, USAG Bavaria hosted the 2014 Europe Army Ten Miler. A big congratulations goes out to everyone that participated.

Of the top 12 finishers, which will represent Europe in the Army Ten Miler in Washington DC, 4 comes from right here in USAG Bavaria!

Let's hear it for the top 12 qualifiers!

CPT John King - Wiesbaden - 55m.50.90s
CPT Zachary Reiter - Vicenza - 56m.34.10s
SPC Andrew Kirwa - Bavaria - 56m.42.98s
PFC Abel Gutierrez - Bavaria - 57m.0.50s
SPC Felix Kibioywo - Bavaria - 58m.2.13s
PFC Edwin Sitienei - Stuttgart - 58m.2.13s

SPC Caroline Jepleting - Kaiserslautern - 61m.37.1s
1LT Jessica Letarte - Bavaria - 68m.52.5s
CPT Samantha Rieger - Ansbach - 69m.23.1s
1LT Sarah Paulsworth - Baumholder - 70m.57.8s
SSG Tanya Davis - Ansbach - 71m.33.9s
MAJ Susan Pierson - Miesau - 72m.17.2s

For a complete list of times, click here.

Check out photos on the USAG Bavaria flickr page.

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