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June 29, 2020

Precautionary Measures & CYS Services


How will I know if my child will receive a place at a Child Development or School-Age program?

CYS staff from each facility have contacted those families who are eligible for childcare. Families were notified via phone call and/or email as a secondary measure. As capacity increases, families will be contacted regarding their placement.


If I have not received a phone call or email notifying me that I am eligible for childcare, what are my next steps?

If you were not contacted to receive child care, your household is not eligible for care at this time. If you feel this was a mistake please contact the Parent Central Services office at Personnel in the office will check your household account and conduct any troubleshooting.


What are the priorities for childcare and who makes this determination?

The Garrison Commander makes the determination as to who is eligible for childcare. The determination is based on FRAGO 31 to OPERATIONS ORDER 20-038. The Garrison Commander has determined the following priorities as eligible for childcare until restrictions ease:

  • 1B: Child(ren) of CYS Direct Caregivers (Child & Youth Program Assistants)
  • 1C: Child(ren) of Dual/Single military families who are currently enrolled in a CDC or SAC program.
  • 1D: Child(ren) of Active Duty Soldier and civilian working spouse who the Garrison Commander has determined to be Mission Critical. 


I am priority 1D and did not receive child care. Why is this?

Priority 1Ds currently receiving childcare were determined to be Mission Critical by the Garrison Commander.


Do I need any specific paperwork to be considered Mission Critical?

Under the current circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Garrison Commander is the authority as to who is considered Mission Critical. Outside of COVID-19 restrictions, a memorandum from your chain of command will suffice for inclement weather delays.


Is there a timeframe for when more spots will open up for my child? When will “normal” operations resume?  

Operations are currently guided by the Health Protection Condition (HPCON) levels. As HPCON levels move towards “Routine,” CYS will be able to allow more children into care as restrictions are lifted. There is currently no timeframe for when operations will go back to normal. We will update families as changes are made.


With all the childcare placements filled currently, what happens to everyone who has not received childcare?

As restrictions due to COVID-19 are eased, more childcare placements will be offered to parents per direction of the Garrison Commander. We encourage all families in this situation to work with their unit, business, or organization for options concerning work schedules.


I currently have a spot at a CDC or SAC program and did not get notified, will I lose my spot?

No. Your childcare space remains secure while we work towards expanding our capacity. You will not be charged during this time.


How will I receive updates from CYS?

CYS will update families through phone calls and/or email regarding childcare availability/changes. Please make sure all email addresses and phone numbers given to Parent Central during registration are correct.


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