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National Arts Contest Winners

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America's National Arts Contest has announced it's regional winners, including many talented artists from the USAG Bavaria community that were nominated with the support of the Rose Barracks Youth Center.

2020 Europe Regional Winners

Scroll down to view the winning artwork.

  • Collage, 13‐15 years – Laura N., USAG Bavaria
  • Mixed Media, 13‐15 years – Adelena A., USAG Bavaria
  • Mixed Media, 16‐18 years – Eva B., USAG Bavaria
  • Monochromatic Drawing, 13‐15 years – Laura N., USAG Bavaria
  • Monochromatic Drawing, 16‐18 years – Zakary K., USAG Bavaria
  • Multicolored Drawing, 16‐18 years – Kiare D., USAG Bavaria
  • Oil & Acrylic, 16‐18 years – Mercedes D., USAG Bavaria
  • Pastel, 13‐15 years – Joshua G., USAG Bavaria
  • Pastel, 16‐18 years – Rian R., USAG Bavaria
  • Photography, Fashion and Style, 16‐18 years – Alia R., USAG Bavaria
  • Watercolor, 6‐9 years – Yelis P., USAG Bavaria

Learn more about the youth centers at USAG Bavaria by clicking here.

  • Laura N.

    Laura N.

  • Laura N.

    Laura N.

  • Rian R.

    Rian R.

  • Mercedes D.

    Mercedes D.

  • Yelis P.

    Yelis P.

  • Zachary K.

    Zachary K.

  • Alia R.

    Alia R.

  • Adelena A.

    Adelena A.

  • Eva B.

    Eva B.

  • Joshua G.

    Joshua G.

  • Kiara D.

    Kiara D.

Laura N. has won for her category and was chosen as a national winner. Congratulations Laura!