3D Print Services at the Library

3D Print Services at the Library

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3D Print Services are now available at the Tower Barracks Library. Are your ideas 3D but the tools you have to work with only 2D-compatible? Tower Barracks Library has you covered.

Starting Tuesday, May 2, your 3D ideas can come to life with the library’s 3D printing service.

How It Works:

You create your own file, save it as a .stl file and forward that file to the library at usarmy.grafenwoehr.library@mail.mil. The cost of printing is charged at $2 per hour of printing. Once the price is calculated, you will receive an order form, which you will present to library staff for payment. Payment, accepted only in cash, is due at the time of order and staff will contact you when your order is available for pick-up.

Maximum dimensions of objects that can be printed are 11.6 inches long x 7.6 inches wide x 6.5 inches high.

For further information, call the library at DSN 475-1740 or CIV 09641-83-1740.


$2 per hour of printing. Price will be confirmed before order is finalized.

Registration Info

Contact the Tower Barracks Library by phone or email for further information. Printing files must be sent by email.