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Bavaria Health Initiative

A recent community health assessment for USAG Bavaria indicated several unhealthy trends, to include high alcohol use, poor nutrition, obesity and poor mental health, are negatively impacting overall community Readiness.

In response to this assessment, USAG Bavaria has developed a new program to improve the health, wellness and overall readiness of community members. The Bavaria Health Initiative (BHI) aligns existing best practices with new strategies intended to promote a healthy lifestyle culture.

The intent is to have a holistic approach to combating the negative health and wellness trends by encouraging healthy lifestyles.

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The BHI 5K RUN and Wellness Fair on March 23 launched a six week “Owning My Own Readiness” program that promotes gradual involvement in regular physical activity, healthier eating patterns and good nutrition, improved sleep patterns and positive mental well-being. This self-guided reporting program tracks goals and acknowledges achievements with a certificate upon conclusion. After completing the program, submit your name to:

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The BeFit for Life program creates an active lifestyle campaign that encourages participants to take the extra steps necessary to sustain healthy habits by building upon successes of the BHI Owning My Own Readiness phase. This program provides soldiers, civilian employees and family members opportunities to build sustaining readiness throughout their tour of duty. In this phase, participants are rewarded for achieving wellness milestones (i.e. 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500 and 5000 points) with a certificate, patch and public recognition. Units and community agencies are encouraged to host events that meet the criteria for awarding milestone points. This is a sustained operation that can be joined at any time after initial introduction.

Click here to download a Befit for Life log sheet.


A. Physical Activity
1. Steps
a. 10000 = 1 point
b. 15000 = 2 points
c. 20000+ = 4 points
Max 15 points per week

2. Aerobic Exercise
a. 30 minutes = 1 point
b. 60+ minutes = 3 points
Max 15 points per week

3. Strength Training
a. 30 minutes = 1 point
b. 60+ minutes = 3 points
Max 15 points per week

4. MEDDAC-B BHI Activity bonus points
a. Exercise testing and prescription
b. Metabolic Testing and Weight Management
c. Body composition assessment
d. Health/Wellness Coaching
1 point for each appointment attended

B. Nutrition

Daily Nutrition Goals = 4 points per day if all four goals are met
2 points per day if you challenge yourself to meet goals but do not reach them fully

1. Goals
4 servings per day of fruits & vegetables
2 servings of lean protein per day (beans, nonfat dairy, chicken breast or tuna)
5-6 servings unprocessed carbohydrates (fruit, vegetables and whole grains)
Minimum 64 oz. of water

2. Negative Points
Saturated fats & added sugars = -1 point per item
Excess alcohol = -1 point

3. MEDDAC-B BHI Activity bonus points
a. Fit for performance = 1 point per session
b. Bariatric prep = 1 point per session
c. Heart healthy nutrition = 1 point per class
d. Diabetes management = 1 point per appointment
e. Individual nutrition counseling = 1 point per appointment

C. Sleep
1. 2 points if you receive 7-9 hours per night
2. 1 point if you receive under 7 hours asleep per night
3. MEDDAC- B BHI Activity bonus points (appendix B)
a. Sleep Education Class = 1 point per class

D. Mindfulness Fitness
1. 1 point for each mood logged
a. Max 7 points per week

2. MEDDAC-B BHI activity bonus points
a. Tobacco cessation = 1 point per session, Max 4 points
b. Stress management/biofeedback = 1 point for the assessment
c. General BH services = 1 point per appointment, Max 8 points


Program participants can join teams for a BHI Challenge beginning July 13. This 8-week competition-based program is designed to capitalize on increased involvement in healthy habits by encouraging teams to achieve the most wellness milestone points. The top three teams will be recognized.

For more information on the BHI Challenge, click here to view the MOI.

For healthy recipe ideas, visit DECA.


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