Warrior Zone - Rose Barracks


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B607 Regulars Road
Rose Barracks

+49 (0)9662-83-2942

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The Warrior Zone is a modern multi-purpose entertainment center for Soldiers to socialize, relax, play video games, and card games.  Troops gather to watch sporting events on large, high-definition, flat-screen TVs, while eating, gaming and mingling.  

The Warrior Zone offers:

  • Computers for customer use
  • Free Wireless
  • Daily movies played through a home theater set up
  • Food and beverages for purchase (on site or close by)

Offering economical and convenient locations right on post for relaxation and entertainment, it’s the perfect recreational facility for Soldiers and their guests 18 and over.

Visit the Warrior Zone for an after work get-together or weekend entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can use the Warrior Zone?


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3. What kind of entertainment is offered at the Warrior Zone? i.e. computers, WIFI, movies, pool table, etc.


4. How can I sign up for an event?