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Archery has arrived at Wild B.O.A.R. Outdoor Recreation!

An entire course is set up with 3D animal targets, a static target area and a practice zone.



Range fee $7
Archery set rental fee $5
Lost/damaged arrow fee $6

Have your own equipment?
Just pay the range fee to get on the field.

Renting a bow? Ages 8+ can rent bows and arrows from Wild BOAR.

Got a group? 

Group events can be reserved at the Wild B.O.A.R. customer service desk.


To ensure your safety and enjoyment please observe the following rules:

  1. Prior to shooting, all participants must first register with the Wild B.O.A.R. Customer Service Desk!
  2. Only active shooters are allowed on each firing line.  Observers must maintain a minimum distance of three meters behind the active shooter.
  3. In group settings only the active shooter will “nock” an arrow.  All other participants’ bows will remain clear of an arrow.
  4. Prior to proceeding down range to retrieve arrows, the participant’s bow must be hung on the bow stand.
  5. Bows that are hung on bow stands are an indication that someone is down range.  Do not shoot!
  6. Please exercise “Noise Discipline” when others are shooting.  Parents are responsible for their children’s conduct.
  7. Compound bows are authorized only with target tipped arrows.
  8. Arrows with broadheads or hunting tips are not authorized on any targets.
  9. All pets must be kept on a leash.
  10. When in doubt, “Do not fire”!!
  11. Any injuries must be reported to the Wild B.O.A.R. Customer Service Desk immediately!!
  12. Shooting on this range is only authorized during normal business hours of the Wild B.O.A.R.
  13. Please utilize trash cans.  Help us keep our range clean!
  14. No running on the Range.


Steps to Archery Success

  1. Stance: Straddle shooting line w/ one foot
  2. Nock Arrow: Click in your arrow
  3. Drawing Hand Set: Grasp the string with all three fingers
  4. Bow Hand Set: Place your hand in the bow grip
  5. Pre-Draw: Lift the bow arm from hanging position
  6. Draw: Pull or draw the string
  7. Anchor: Touch index finger to the corner of your mouth
  8. Aim
  9. Shot Set-up: Slight movement forward
  10. Release: Open fingers
  11. Follow Through: Finish position/reflect on shot


Stop by Wild BOAR to rent your bow and arrows or call to learn more.

Bringing a group? Give us a heads up and we'll have your gear ready.