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Utilities Tax Avoidance Program (UTAP)


Save money on your utilities by signing up for the Utility Tax Avoidance Program (UTAP).

Reduce your wait-time and schedule an appointment by emailing the UTAP Office.


Electricity = 19% VAT & up to 11% electricity tax
(select companies only)

GAS = 19% VAT & up to 7% eco tax
(select companies only)


Applicable guidelines:

Status of Forces Agreement, Army in Europe Regulation 215-6. DoD mandates the use of UTAP in an effort to secure effective tax relief from foreign taxes on residential consumption of electricity, gas and water in Germany. To be eligible for UTAP individuals must receive their utilities from a provider that has a contractual agreement with the Tax Relief Office (TRO). If utility cost are listed  as additional cost "Nebenkosten" and paid directly to the landlord, they are not covered by this program. All utilitycosts are covered for home owners. German banking account information is required for enrollment.


UTAP Program Information

UTAP Customer Enrollment/Application

UTAP Issues Form

UTAP Close Out Form


Required Information/Process to Set up UTAP

Before coming to the UTAP office, please be sure to have all the required information completed and with you for your UTAP appointment.

  • Complete the walk through with housing.
  • Make sure you double check all meter numbers and meter readings.
  • Find out who your utility providers are.
  • Ask your landlord if he is going to register you with the utility provider. If he states this is your responsibility, UTAP can help you with this.
  • Complete the UTAP Application found in the forms section below. The form needs to be TYPED and then printed.
  • Complete “Start Form” for each utility company. The forms must be TYPED and then printed. Forms cannot be accepted if handwritten.
  • Copy of lease.
  • Banking information from local Credit Union, Community Bank or German bank
  • If you own your home, bring copies of the purchase contract cover page with notary stamp, page with home address, and page with signatures.
  • UTAP Registration Fee of $99, payable in cash, check or credit card.  Reimbursable through the miscellaneous expense allowance.
  • Valid Active Duty or Civilian ID card (retired military ID cards are not accepted).
  • Copy of orders (mandatory for Active Duty personnel)
  • Read the SEPA handout (download)

If you sign up for UTAP, please be sure to close out with UTAP before moving to your new destination. Please be sure to keep your bank account open for 60 days to ensure that you cover you final bill and preserve your credit rating. Your bank can help you set up this 60 day period.

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