Summer Student Volunteer Program

Summer Student Volunteer Program

Open to 18+ ID card holders looking for summer volunteer opportunities, this program is designed to provide students with real-world resume-enhancing experience! In addition to applying and working with garrison elements, you'll receive training on installation management and programs, resume writing, presentation skills and one-on-one assistance with earning college credit.


The following opportunities are currently available:


ACS - Summer Student Volunteer Program Coordinator:

Works directly with the Army Volunteer Corps coordinator, providing training, creating outreach products, contacting volunteers, supporting recognition planning, and conducting after action reviews. Volunteers will learn skills in leadership, project management and outreach.


ACS - Employment Readiness Assistant:

Works directly with the Employment Readiness Program coordinator, assisting family members with forms and applications, preparing for classes and workshops, assisting with instructions, and resume prep. Volunteers will learn skills in leadership, training and resume writing.


DPW - Environmental Division Volunteer

Works directly with the environment team, assisting with administrative duties like performing grammatical review of a variety of environmental documents, collect meeting notes, help facilitate in person meetings, and general office organization. Collaborates on events for Garrison Community members. Volunteers will learn skills in leadership, natural resource program management, administration, and outreach.


PAO - Public Affairs Volunteer

Works directly with the Garrison's Public Affairs team to create and design handouts for historical Watertower tours as well as a virtual tour. The Watertower is the landmark of Grafenwoehr as well as for USAG Bavaria and hosts a permanent exhibition and information timeline displays. Produces Watertower and other historic or family oriented content for USAG Bavaria Public Affairs via web, app, calendar and social media channels (e.g. articles, messages, photos, videos and infographics). Collaborates with other departments to coordinate actions and cover events. Volunteers will learn skills in leadership, public affairs, marketing and outreach.


MWR Marketing - Graphics Support Technician:

Works directly with the MWR Marketing office, creating media (posters, flyers, brochures, ads, etc.) for multiple publications.  Media created will utilize information regarding MWR facilities, special events and ongoing programs. Assists in Market Research. Volunteers will learn skills in marketing, design and branding.


MWR Marketing - Photographer:

Works directly with the MWR Marketing manager, maintaining equipment, and making technical decisions regarding composition of shots. Coordinates with Marketing Manager to assure delivery of appropriate photographic support. Prepares sets, including lights, backdrop and other elements as required. Determines best use of camera equipment, filters, diffusers, lenses, lighting sources, depending on circumstances (for example: nature of subject, speed required, climactic and other conditions, field of view available and/or desired). Processes digital imagery for release. Reviews finished product to maintain quality control of photographs prior to release. Verifies correct exposure, good composition, density and contrast control. Ensures that equipment is in ready state and ensures that all equipment is properly secured when not in use. Volunteers will learn skills in photography, marketing and project management.


Religious Support - Worship Volunteer:

Works under the guidance of the Chaplain assisting the congregation in building faith, works with the sponsoring Chaplain, RE Leadership, and Director of Religious Education (DRE) to plan, prepare and implement programming, coordinates with sponsoring Chaplain for needed curriculum, supplies and equipment. Volunteers will learn skills in program management, religious support services, and spiritual resilience.


To learn more about these opportunities, or to apply:

Army Community Service - Rose Barracks

CIV: +49 (0)9662-83-2650
DSN: (314)476-2650