'PAJAMAS TODAY' Coloring Storybook - Download, color & read along

Download this free book - written and illustrated by one of USAG Bavaria MWR's very own!

Color it in and follow along with our special Story Time, where we'll read the book along with CSM Sutterfield. Stay tune to our Facebook page for more details.

Click to download the Pajamas Today storybook coloring pages

100 WAYS TO STAY BUSY AT HOME - click here
  1. Learn a new recipe.
  2. Start a windowsill garden.
  3. Get your library card and check out the Army Library online resources.
  4. Have a dance party.
  5. Plan a scavenger hunt in the house.
  6. Call a friend or family member on video chat and have them show you how to make their favorite recipe.
  7. Brush your pets or give them a bath. 
  8. Walk your dogs (being sure to social distance from others).
  9. Clean your windows.
  10. Clean out your cupboards.
  11. Go through paperwork and file.
  12. Do your taxes.
  13. Go through old photos.
  14. Clean out your inbox.
  15. Play tug of war with your dog (or cat... or goldfish).
  16. Dust your house.
  17. Pick out the books you still haven't read on your bookshelf or from the online library.
  18. Make a big batch of soup to freeze.
  19. Learn to sew a face mask, pillowcase or pet bed.
  20. Go through and organize the digital photos on your phone or computer.
  21. Reorganize your pantry or linen closet.
  22. Mend clothes that you've been meaning to fix.
  23. Deep clean your kitchen.
  24. Start a microgreens garden indoors.
  25. Turn one houseplant into two (or ten) by learning to propogate.
  26. Challenge your friends (over video chat) or your kids to a Paper Airplane Flight School.
  27. Clean the house, room by room.
  28. Let a celebrity read a story to your kids, while you relax for a minute.
  29. Plan a virtual playdate with your children and their friends. Choose a craft that they can both easily do while video chatting about it.
  30. Offer to read a book to the child of a friend or family member over video chat to give them a few kid-free moments to relax during the day. Don't have a children's book in the house? No worries! Download a free one from the library.

Stay tuned for videos from our SKIESUnlimited instructors, online StoryTime with our librarians, stop-motion videos from our Performing Arts Team and much more!

We're in this together and we promise to stay connected. 

- Your USAG Bavaria MWR Team

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