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Physical Fitness Center - Tower Barracks

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Our state-of-the-art fitness facilities come with the latest and most updated fitness equipment and fitness & wellness programs that meet the needs and interests of our customers. Click here to view the 2023 calendar of events for sports and fitness. 

We offer a variety of fitness programs. Core activities include classes as well as access to state-of-the-art fitness equipment such as stair climbers, bicycles, rowing machines and barbells.

Functional Fitness Room Equipment:
Add these options to your workout: Wall Balls, Bumper Plates, Weight Bars, Kettlebells, Plyo Boxes, Acft Hex Bars, Rowers, Woodway Treadmills, Racks, Adjustable Benches, Dumbbells
Slam Balls and Assault Bike!

  • Open to Active Duty and authorized US ID card holders 18+
  1. Ages 16-18 may use unaccompanied with a youth orientation/waiver form signed by their parent.
  2. Ages 12-15 may use only while under direct supervision of their parent/legal guardian.
  3. Ages 11 and below are only authorized on the basketball court while under direct supervision and active involvement with their parent/legal guardian.
  4. Customers must be registered in our access system to scan in and out of the facility using a CAC card. Weekdays between 9:30 p.m. - 5 a.m. and Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 5 p.m. - 9 a.m. the Tower Barracks Fitness Center will only be open to U.S. ID card holders ages 18+ 
  • Customers required to scan ID upon entering the fitness center.
  • Required to sanitize fitness equipment before and after use.
  • Must follow all Army regulations and safety/staff rules.
  • Wear proper athletic shoes and clothing - see proper attire poster for more information.

  • Gym bags are not allowed in the fitness areas.
    Note: Small fanny packs are authorized for customers to carry their workout gloves, wristbands/weightlifting straps, etc.

  • Avoid moving weights, benches or equipment from proper place.

  • Return all weights to the weight racks when finished.

  • Barbell collars are mandatory when using free-weight.

  • Always use a spotter when attempting to lift maximum weight.

  • Fitness Classes, Personal Fitness Trainers and Massage Services available.
  • Basketball court open.
  • Sauna open to ages 18+ only 
    Note, closed during following times:
    Weekdays: 9:30 p.m. - 5 a.m. and Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 5 p.m. - 9 a.m.
  • Locker/Shower Rooms
  1. Ages 15 and below require direct supervision of parent/legal guardian.
  2. Note: Children ages 4 and older will use gender-appropriate locker rooms and restrooms.
  3. Showers open.
  • Lockers available free of charge.
  1. Customers are required to provide their own lock to secure personal belongings.
  2. Customers are required to wipe the locker prior and after each use.
    Sanitize wipe station available in the locker rooms.
  3. Overnight locker services are available for a fee.
  • Locker/shower rooms closed for cleaning: 
    Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. and daily 9:30 p.m. - 11 p.m.


Gym Precaution/Safety Rules
  1. Get a complete physical checkup before you start a strength-training program.  You might have to modify or avoid weightlifting if you have muscle or joint problems, seizure disorders, heart disease, high blood pressure, previous injuries or any other physical condition with potential for danger.
  2. Be sure to always integrate warm-ups, stretching, and cooling- down into your program. This will reduce your risk of injury by increasing your blood flow and prepping your muscles for the work they are about to do. Using the proper lifting form is important not only to work your muscles correctly, but also to prevent injury. Always do your exercises through a full range of motion in a slow, controlled manner.
  3. When beginning a new weightlifting program -- or any time you try a new exercise --always start out using light weights. It is far better to start out too light than too heavy. Choose a weight that you are sure is light and do a warm-up set of 15 repetitions, while perfecting the correct lifting technique. If the weight is too easy for 10 to 12 reps--in keeping with your goals -- add a little more weight and gradually increase that weight within the next few weeks.
  4. Going to total muscle fatigue with a challenging weight is not useful objective in your first few weeks. When trying a new lift or starting a new routine, the objective is to practice and perfect your technique, and to learn how to concentrate on the muscle you are exercising.
  5. Proper breathing is essential in weightlifting. If you hold your breath while lifting a weight, you run the risk of raising your blood pressure and starving your brain of oxygen. You should try to exhale during the "positive," or main exertion phase, and inhale during the "negative," the phase in which you resist and come back slowly. If this becomes too confusing or takes away from your concentration on the lift, don't worry about it--just remember to breathe.
  6. Do not leave equipment lying around the weight room where someone could trip over it. Always use the collars that prevent weights from falling off the barbells. Be sure to keep your hands away from the chains, cams, pulleys, and weight plates of exercise machines when they are in use. Also, when selecting the weight for a machine exercise, be sure to push the pin in all the way. Be sure to wear a weightlifting belt on exercises that place stress on your lower back, such as bent-over lifts like squats, or barbell rows.
  7. Consider having a spotter. Having a spotter is important not only for safety reasons but also for performance enhancement. Few things work as well as a conscientious, knowledgeable spotter or workout partner who demands proper technique and full effort on every exercise set and repetition. An effective spotter gives encouragement, technique, feedback, and just enough assistance to permit completion of that final, difficult, repetition. No matter what your goal reps are, each set should end with the last repetition being challenging; you should try to go to muscle fatigue. Given this goal, there is always the chance that when trying for a final repetition, you just can't do it all on your own. This is where your spotter comes in -- helping you just barely finish that last rep, and assuring you of your safety.
  8. If you do not have a workout partner at first, we strongly recommend trying to find someone with similar goals and interests to work out with you. This will not only help assure safety and motivation, it will also help you make it to the gym more often. If you aren't working with a partner at a gym, either ask a staff member or someone who looks experienced for a quick "spot". Most people will be happy to help you. Be sure you and your spotter have a plan so that each of you knows exactly what the other will do in case you need assistance.
  9. It is also important that you know how to correctly spot someone to assure his or her safety. When spotting someone, always be prepared to give a little assistance when they reach muscle fatigue (cannot complete the rep on their own). You don't want to help so much that the rep becomes easy for them to complete -- give just enough assistance so that they can complete the set, but it is still challenging for them. Also, only provide assistance on the positive phase (the part that requires the pushing or pulling motion). Still have your hands ready to help, but don't help with the negative phase (the part where you resist the weights force) -- the lifter should try to slowly resist the force of the weight all on his/her own.
  • When spotting someone, who is using a barbell, be sure to use two hands and provide assistance evenly on the bar so you don't throw off their balance or favor one side more than the other.
  • When spotting someone, who is using a dumbbell, be sure to provide assistance in the same place for both hands and the same amount of assistance on each side.
  • When spotting someone who is using a machine provide assistance underneath the weight -- be sure to move hands on the negative phase (down phase with resistance) not only to promote effective results for the lifter but also to assure your safety.

Strength training provides many important benefits that cannot be achieved by any other exercise or activity. However, when enjoying this great form of exercise, be sure to adhere to these precautions so that your program is not only effective, but safe as well.

We hope you enjoy all the wonderful benefits of a safe and effective strength training program.

USAG Bavaria Family and MWR Sports & Fitness Team

The Tower Barracks Physical Fitness Center features one full-size basketball courts, 3-lane indoor running track, small Functional Fitness area, one large fitness room with a cardio, selectorized, Iso-Lateral and free weight equipment, Nautilus room, exercise room, large functional fitness room and a rock climbing wall, two saunas and locker rooms.

Qualified employees are on duty to spot, to make sure the equipment is used safely and to give instruction. There are exercise classes to fit every age and skill level. We have outstanding indoor and outdoor running tracks.

Team Sports
Soccer - Basketball - Softball - Flag Football - Volleyball

Individual Sports
Boxing - Powerlifting 

Fun Runs - Rock Climbing - Dodgeball - Functional Fitness Challenge - Spouse Sports Leagues

Fitness & Wellness
Fitness Assessments - Individual Training Programs - Muscle Strength Training - Personal Fitness Trainers - Dietitian Services - Reiki

Variety of Aerobic Classes
Yoga - Spinning - Multi Fitness Challenge

Outdoor Facilities
Two soccer/football fields, three softball fields, track & field facility with a 6-lane 400 meter track, 8-lane 50/100 meter track and a 1-mile running trail.

For information and reservation, contact the Physical Fitness Center.

Go to MWR Online Services to view, register and pay for sporting events and classes.

Personal Fitness Trainers

Whether your goal is to lose fat, tone or build muscle, sculpt your physique, get stronger, improve stamina or improve your overall health. A Certified Personal Trainer will create a dynamic exercise program based on your personal goals and fitness level. Certified Personal Trainers combine high intensity workouts with the motivation you need to reach your goals and maintain long-term results.

# Sessions  Price Price with Nutrition Coaching
4 $200 $300
5 $240 $355
6 $280 $410
8 $360 $510
10 $400 $570
12 $460 $650
Personal Training Session (55-60 minutes)
Personal Training + Nutrition Coaching (90-105 minutes)


Understanding your specific body composition, metabolism and fitness level allows us to customize a program that will get you the results you want. Your Personal Trainer performs a fitness assessment and calculates your unique resting metabolic rate to establish calorie composition and expenditure required to meet your goals.

1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching
Clients meet with the coach once a week or more to discuss nutritional habits and techniques that will help them reach specific goals. Each program is tailored appropriately to the individual based on their personal goals and assessments. Nutritional Coaching can be purchased as a stand-alone package or as an add-on to personal training sessions. (Fitness Assessment required).

# of Sessions Price
4 $200
6 $260
12 $360
16 $460
20 $540
Sessions are 60 minutes - 3 month minimum is required


CERTIFICATIONS: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Group Fitness Instructor, StrongFirst Girya Level 1 (Kettlebell Coach), Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, CPR/AED Certified
PRIMARY FOCUS: Weight Loss, Sports Performance, Cardio Conditioning, Strength Endurance, Muscle Development, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
BIO: I found my spark for movement at a young age through dance; a spark that developed into a passion for helping others to move well on a day-to-day basis. 
I am a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, American Council of Exercise Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Precision Nutrition Coach and a StrongFirst Kettlebell Coach who focuses on functional fitness and sustainable practices. 
In working with my clients over the past few years, I truly believe that learning the fundamentals of proper movement is the key to unlocking your full potential. 
Whether you are new to training, dealing with chronic pain, recovering from an injury or a trained athlete; my programming can help you reach the next level in your health and fitness journey.

Bachelor of Science, Sports & Exercise Science; Men's & Women's USA Gymnastics Coach since 1997.
PRIMARY FOCUS: Meeting clients where they are to set SMART Goals to help them reach their full wellness potential. 
BIO: At a young age, I was flipping around the house and yard, which became a love for gymnastics and diving. As a teen, I started coaching swimming and diving and soon after gymnastics. Even as a young coach, I knew movement was key to a healthy lifestyle and has become my life's work. Returning to college and learning the "why" of exercise science has sparked a new passion in me for movement. I am poised to coach you to meet your goals, whether you are returning to exercise after injury, training for a specific sport, exercising for the first time or training for the ACFT. My enthusiasm for training, attention to detail, knowledge of biomechanics and mindfulness of your goals and expectations will help make your goals a reality.

Massage Program

Problem Solver-Deep Tissue Massage

30 minutes


60 minutes $70
90 minutes $95
120 minutes $120 


Swedish Massage

30 minutes


60 minutes $70
90 minutes $95
120 minutes $120 


Pregnancy Massage

60 minutes $70


Hot Stone Price
60 minutes $90
90 minutes $120


Cupping Massage Price
30 minutes $40
60 minutes $70


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

30 minutes $40
60 minutes $470


Chair Massage


per minute



Head-Neck and Face Massage

30 minutes $40
60 minutes $70


Reflexology/Foot Massage

30 minutes $40


Stretching Session

30 minutes $40
60 minutes $70


Add-on Service Options Price
Foot Scrub


Basic Facial $15



Reiki - Energy Balancing

Relax on a massage table, comfortably dressed without shoes in a serene ambiance. The treatment consists of hands-off or gently placed above the body to receive a flow of energy from the hands of the practitioner. Essential oils are used to enhance the treatment. The treatment generates a warming or tingling sensation that will create a feeling of relaxation and peace.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment. Wear comfortable, loose fit clothing and avoid eating a heavy meal one hour prior to your session. Please, call in and cancel your appointment if you’re not feeling well. Gift certificates and multiple session packages available.

First session $45 60 minutes
Regular session $60 60 minutes
Extended session $90   90 minutes


WELLBEATS Fitness Program

WELLBEATS: Virtual group fitness systems are now available in your fitness center!

The Wellbeats system delivers virtual fitness programming that covers a variety of fitness classes anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes at all fitness levels. The system also has Fit Tests offering a benchmark for participants to measure their progress over time. WELLBEATS offers a basic test as well as two intermediate tests. Each consist of a workout accompanied with a scorecard for participants to track results. Workout plans are also available for downloads from the WELLBEATS website.

The WELLBEATS system is available for small groups on request. The systems are located in the following USAG Bavaria Fitness Centers: Physical Fitness Center - Tower Barracks, Jesse L. Williams Fitness Center - Rose Barracks and Post Gym Fitness Center - Hohenfels.

The WELLBEATS system is available for Units to use:

Walk-in use is available at the Post Gym Fitness Center in Hohenfels.

For the Physical Fitness Center on Tower Barracks walk-ins are available during non-peak and non-class hours. A reservation is required for groups a minimum of 72 hours prior to requested date. With special arrangements and availability of staff, the system can be transported for set-up at Units, conference room, multi-purpose room or dedicated fitness space.

For the Jesse L. Williams Fitness Center on Rose Barracks walk-ins are available during non-peak and non-class hours. A reservation is required for groups a minimum of 72 hours prior to requested date.

For more information visit

Looking for other gyms at USAG Bavaria?

Jesse L. Williams Fitness Center - Rose Barracks

Memorial Fitness Center  - Rose Barracks

More Sports & Fitness


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9.11KM Patriot Day Run

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Sep 11 6:30 am

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1st Annual Women's Kickball Tournament

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